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DIY Merry Christmas Sign

‘Twas the night before Christmas…and I just can’t stop crafting LOL. Need a last second handmade gift. Maybe you need something to add to your cocoa bar, front door or you think your tree just needs a little something extra before the family arrives for Christmas Eve. Or if your like me and your trying to find something fun for your guests to do while they are celebrating tonight with the family then look no further. Follow along and learn this DIY Merry Christmas Sign.


Wall Shelf- Dollar Tree or any piece of wood you have

Merry Christmas Stencil


Small Bell

Brown Wax

White Paint

Black Paint

Ribbon and Twine

Sand Paper

Sponge Stamp

Thin Paint Brush

Wall Putty

Hot Glue

Start by filling in the holes on your sign with the wall putty. You can use your finger for this it takes a very small amount.

Next stain the wood with your brown wax. Make sure to cover the entire piece.

After the wax has dried, paint over the wood with your white paint. This will take at least 2 coats.

Once the white paint has dried, go over the wood with your sand paper. This gives the sign an “aged” look.

Next place your Merry Christmas stencil on the wood and using your sponge stamper and a light coat of black paint, fill in the stencil.

After you sponge on your paint, us your small paint brush to connect the letters from the stencil.

Now attach your ribbon with your hot glue to the left side of your sign. On top of your ribbon add 2 pieces of twine. Wrap everything around the front and use a small bead of hot glue to hold in place.

Next on top of the ribbon add your greenery and small bell, once again using your hot glue to attach.

I love how this came out it was super easy to make and the “aged” look goes great with some of my other decorations I have around the house. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday! Do you think you will make a DIY Merry Christmas Sign?

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