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DIY Mixed Media Butterfly Sign

One of my favorite places to find crafting supplies has always been the thrift stores. I can always find something there worth taking home and turning it beautiful again. Many times you just have to use your imagination to find a way to bring something back to life, and I like nothing more than getting my creative juices flowing to put something together! I hope you follow along with this DIY Mixed Media Butterfly Sign and can find beautiful pieces to make your own too!


Dollar Tree Wooden Unfinished Sign
Scrapbook Paper – Hobby Lobby Pack
Scrolled Butterfly – Thrift Store
Tim Holtz Chipboard Quote
Scrolled Metal Corner Piece
Rose and Key West Paints
Antique Wax

First, I painted the edges of the unfinished wooden sign with the rose paint.

Second, I cut a piece of the scrapbook paper and secured it to the wooden sign using Mod Podge.

Third, I painted the thrift store scrolled Butterfly with the key west paint.

Fourth, I went around the edges of the wooden sign with Antique wax. I then also used it to lightly go over the Butterfly.

Fifth, I used hot glue to secure the butterfly to the center of the wooden sign.

Sixth, I hot glued the Tim Holtz chipboard quote to the center of the butterfly.

Finally, I hot glued the scrolled metal corner piece to the bottom corner of the sign.

Here is the final result, how do you think it turned out? I absolutely loved making this project, I think it came out so beautiful! The color of the butterfly blends perfectly with the scrapbook paper. When all the pieces of a project come together the way this one did I couldn’t be any happier. I can’t wait to get this DIY Mixed Media Butterfly Sign into my craft booth. Do you think you’ll make one of these for yourself?

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