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Dollar Tree Believe House

I would have to say that Christmas is probably my all time favorite holiday, especially the crafting and decorating that comes along with the Holiday season. I get super excited when Dollar Tree starts putting out there Holiday craft section. The creative crafter in me starts going crazy with all the ideas I get lol!! So when I saw this adorable little wooden house at my local Dollar Tree I knew I could turn it into something super crafty for Christmas. Follow along with me and learn how to make your very own Dollar Tree Believe House!!


Dollar Tree House


Believe Word- Dollar Tree


Decorative String

Hot Glue

Paint- White, Black & Red

I started out this project by painting the inside of the wooden house white, and the outside of the wooden house black. This took a couple of coats to make sure that the paint completely covered the house.

Next while the paint on my wooden house was drying, I started on my Believe sign. I painted the word Believe in black, the Santa hat red and the top of the hat white. This will also take a few coats to make sure that the sign is completely covered.

Next I ran my decorative string through the top of my bell so that it would be able to hang from the house in a later step.

Once both the wooden house and the Believe sign have dried, attach the Believe sign to the inside bottom of the wooden house using hot glue.

The next step is to hot glue the bell to the peak of the wooden house. I attached the bell using the knot that I tied so it was more secure.

So after I had painted the house black, I changed my mind half way through the project. I ended up covering the black with red. Like all creative people we picture ideas and then they end up changing once we get started on something. I know for myself this is not the first time this has happened and I imagine it isn’t a first for a lot of you. As long as your project comes out as you like it there is never anything with wrong with changing your vision.

I absolutely adore how this project came out!! It was so simple and I loved making it!! I can’t wait to display it on a shelf once the Holiday season gets here. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Believe House?

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