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DIY Mixed Media Butterfly

One again I will tell you how much I LOVE mixed media. It is so much fun to let my creativity just run wild. This project was so much fun and turned-out BEAUTIFUL!! Butterflies are one of my favorites, add that with mixed media and you have once amazing project!! Follow along as I make this DIY Mixed Media Butterfly sign! Hopefully you’ll be inspired!


Wood Butterfly -Dollar Tree

Scarpbook Paper

Piece of scrap wood

Paper Flowers- Hobby Lobby

Gem Stickers – Dollar Tree


Antique Brown Wax


Chip Board Saying – Hobby Lobby

First, paint all your pieces. the scrap wood board I painted antique white, along with the gem stickers. The butterfly I painted in a dusty rose color.

Second, I added the stickers to the butterfly.

Third, I whitewashed the butterfly with the antique white and then added some brown wax to it.

Fourth, I took my scrapbook paper onto my board. Once it was dry, I added brown antique wax around the edges.

Fifth, I glued the butterfly to the board and added two wire antenna. I did the antenna by cutting a piece of wire and then wrapping the top around a pencil to make the swirl.

Next, I added the flowers to the center of the butterfly, to make her body. One was really white and didn’t match, so i used my coffee stain I have in a spray bottle and gave it a few sprays and then dried it with my heat gun. It worked perfectly and now it matches great!

Finally, I added a piece of lace ribbon and the chipboard saying tucked behind the flowers. Then I took a piece of a paint stirrer and glued it to the bottom so it would stand better, I made sure I painted that and distressed it to match the sign. That part isn’t necessary, one side of my wood was flat and even and I accidently used that as the top….so it didn’t stand after because the bottom was uneven.

I think this turned out so CUTE! It is mixed media/shabby chic and I love them both!! This was so much fun to create, I will be doing more projects with butterflies, I love them! Do you think you’ll be making something like this DIY Mixed Media Butterfly?

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  1. Pamela Hinely says:

    Absolutely love to see your projects. They are easy enough, thanks to you showing us step by step. So appreciate you sharing your talents with us all.

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