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DIY Snowman Tea Kettle

I love creating crafts for the Christmas holiday, and making them with snowmen makes it even more fun! When I found this old tea kettle at the Thrift Store I knew I had to make a snowman out of it! The kettle was the perfect shape to make the snowman head with and it came out just how I imagined it would! I hope you like this DIY Snowman Tea Kettle and find one of these old kettles so you can create your own!


Thrifted Tea Kettle
Paints –
Light Buttermilk
Burnt Orange
Deep Burgundy
Sealer – Spray or Brush On 
Stamped Tag
Red Ticking Fabric – Hobby Lobby

First, I used the Light Buttermilk, Deep Burgundy, and Black paints to paint the kettle and the lid.

Second, I used a round pouncer with the black paint to make the eyes. Once I had them on I used a small paint brush to even out the paint. I then sponged on some of the Deep Burgundy to create the blushing cheeks.

Third, I used the Burnt Orange paint to make the carrot nose and then used the Black paint with the end of the paint brush to create the mouth.

Fourth, I used the white paint with a tiny brush and created the snowflakes around the sides.

Fifth, I painted on the eyebrows with the Black paint and used the white to make the pupils and the lines at the edge of the eyes.

Sixth, I used the end of the paintbrush and the white paint to create the small dots all around the kettle, and to add the small dots to the edges of the snowflakes.

Seventh, I created those same snowflakes and small dots using the same technique onto the lid of the kettle.

Eighth, I used the bristles of an old toothbrush to splatter white dots all over the kettle.

Finally, I used a sealer over the entire kettle and the lid. I then tied red ticking fabric through the handle and threaded the stamped tag through the fabric and tied it into a bow.

Here is the project completely finished, and I love how it turned out! What do you think of the final result? Do you think you might try and create this DIY Snowman Tea Kettle too? Incorporating snowmen into my Christmas craft projects is one of my favorite things to craft, and this kettle was so much fun to turn into a snowman. I can’t wait to get started on some more of my Christmas craft projects!

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  1. Susan Pileggi says:

    The snow man tea pot looks amazing Thanks for Sharing ! ❤️

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