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Zinc Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornament

I’m back at the Christmas crafting I just can’t seem to get enough of! It seems the ideas I have for the Christmas Holiday love to come out just when I need them too! Who doesn’t love to get into the holiday spirit though? I hope you like this Zinc Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornament enough to give one a try too, because I had a blast making it and I’m sure you would too!


Zinc Mason Jar Lid – Antique Shop
Rusty Wire
Greenery Stem
Spanish Moss
Holly Leaves
Red Berries – Hobby Lobby
Rusty Bell and Safety Pin
Red Ticking Scrap

First, I created two small holes into the sides of the lid and then used the rusty wire to create the handle. The ends of the rusty wire were twisted around to be sure they stayed put.

Second, I filled the lid with Spanish Moss.

Third, I hot glued the greenery stem to the lid.

Fourth, I hot glued on the Holly Leaves after removing the stem and the berries.

Fifth, I hot glued the red berries I found at Hobby Lobby around the greenery Stem.

Sixth, I attached the rusty bell and the coffee stained tag with the rusty safety pin to the red ticking scrap I tied around the wire.

Finally, I created a hole into the center of the Spanish Moss to make room for the candle I set into the lid.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I think I may need to try and find a few more of these lids and make a couple more to set around on my tables this holiday season! This was a blast making and if I had a few set around and the candles glowing it would be the perfect feel for a snowy winter night! I really hope you enjoyed this Zinc Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornament and try to make one too!

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