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DIY Patriotic Vintage Gas Can

I’ve had this gas can for years, I picked it out of the trash. It was super rusty and all dented. I love it! Of course I cannot find the original picture, LOL! I decided to give it a Patriotic makeover and a new life. Keep it from being in a landfill. Follow along with me for this DIY Patriotic Vintage Gas Can.


Vintage Style Gas Can- Trash Picked

White Spray Paint

Paints: Red, White & Blue

Painters Tape

Star Stencil


Coffee Dyed Tag

Rusty Safety Pin and Bell

First I started off by spray painting the entire gas can with white paint. Once that dried, I taped off sections around the can. I alternated the colors with my red and white paint, inside the spaces.

Next I painted the wooden piece to the handle with my red paint and the metal piece with my blue paint. I also painted the top part of the can blue and the very bottom line around the can. Once the blue paint dried I went ahead and added my star stencil with white paint around the top and bottom of the can.

With my blue paint across the center of the can I added the year 1776, the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed. After the blue paint dried I went over the can with my antique wax to give it an even more vintage look.

Finally I added a coffee dyed tag with USA written across it to the handle of the can attaching with my twine. Then I took my rusty safety pin and bell and attached that to the knot of the twine.

I think this project came out amazing. My only regret is letting this old can sit around as long as I did. This goes to show that you can always find treasure in somebody else’s trash. Do you think you will make a DIY Patriotic Vintage Gas Can?

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