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DIY Mini Planters

I’m always looking for inexpensive and quick crafts, with life being well life, I don’t always have a whole lot of time to sit down and pull out a bunch of supplies. When I saw these small terracotta pots I knew I could make something adorable that would fit into my Spring decor. Follow along with me for these DIY Mini Planters.


Small Terracotta Pots- Hobby Lobby

Greenery- Hobby Lobby

Spanish Moss

Floral Foam

White Chalk Paint


Hot Glue

Start off by painting your terracotta pots with the white chalk paint. Make sure to fully cover the pots, this could take 2 coats.

Once the paint has dried you are going to do a light sand all over the pots

Next cut your floral foam into 2 small squares and put them inside your pots

Next step cut part of the stem off of the greenery, set this aside for now

Now using a small bead of hot glue go around the top of your pot and add some of the Spanish moss

Finally using the piece of greenery that you set aside earlier, insert that into the floral foam and you are finished

These came out super cute and were so simple to make. They would look awesome on a tiered tray or a table riser. They would also make an adorable accent to an above the sink kitchen window, the possibilities are endless with these cute little plants. Do you think you will make some DIY Mini Planters?

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