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DIY Farmhouse Rolling Pins

I was on Facebook one day, and I came across a reel by Crafty Hawk Mom making over some rolling pins and I knew I wanted to make some for myself. Be sure to check her page out, she makes some cute stuff, you can find her here. I had a ton of old rolling pins I had picked up thrifting, so I had the supplies already! These were pretty easy to make and honestly you can make them to match your decor style! So come follow along as I make these DIY Farmhouse Rolling Pins!!


Thrifted Rolling Pins (I used 4)
Paints Any Colors You Choose
Farm Animal Stencil – Hobby Lobby
Letter Stamps – Hobby Lobby
Black Ink Pad
Clear Wax

First, I painted them in all the colors I wanted. I tried to make them all cohesive, I wanted them to all be together and look like they belonged that way.

Second, I took the farmhouse stencil I had from Hobby Lobby and stenciled a different farm animal around the rolling pin on 3 of the rolling pins. Again, I rotated colors. When stenciling I used tape to hold my stencil in place and put as many animals as possible that each pin would allow, given its size.

Third, I took my final rolling pin and my letter stamps and randomly stamped animal sounds on it. The sounds related to the farm animals I had used on my other rolling pins. You could certainly choose other words or even more farm animals.

Fourth, I took some sandpaper and roughed the pins up and gave them a distressed and rustic look. When I was done sanding, I wiped them clean.

Finally, I added some clear wax to each pin and then tied a small raffia bow to the end of each pin. The wax I got at Hobby Lobby; they do have it at most craft stores. It is easy to use, just added it with a rag and wiped off excess.

This is how they turned out!! I ABSOLUTELY love them!! How stinking adorable are these and how fun will they be to display!? I just am amazed these ae just a simple thrift store find!

Here is how I have them displayed. I had this basket and thought they would look cute in it; I was right! However, if I can find and old metal basket that is kind of rusty, I will switch to that! Do you think you will try to make some DIY Farmhouse Rolling Pins? What rolling pin is your favorite?

If you enjoyed this DIY, be sure to check out more below!




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  1. DD Ferguson says:

    If you put them in a metal basket you won’t see the cute designs. I like the black basket, myself.

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