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DIY Rustic Angel

Having an angel looking over your shoulder can always be a more than good thing. Being able to decorate with them is even better, especially when you can craft your own. Follow along with me and learn this DIY Rustic Angel.



Wooden Ball

Small Plaque



Embellishments (your choice)

White and Sage Paints

Dollar Tree Cookie Sheet

Angel Wing Pattern ( I googled Angel Wing pattern and printed one I liked)

Wood Glue

Hot Glue

Sand Paper


Start by painting the spindle and the wooden ball with your white paint. At the same time paint the wooden plaque with your sage colored paint. Be sure to cover all of your pieces completely.

Now take your Angel Wing pattern and trace onto the cookie sheet and cut out. Once your wings are cut out paint over them with your white paint.

Once the paint on your wooden pieces is dry assemble them together using a wood glue/hot glue combo.

Next sand over the wooden pieces, this gives the Angel the “rustic” look that we are going for.

Next drill a small hole into the head of the Angel. Twist your wire into a halo and add that here. Add a small amount of glue to secure the halo into place.

Using your hot glue again add your wings to the back of your Angel.

Now you can add the embellishments that you chose. All of these are secured using hot glue.

This Angel came out so super cute, I absolutely love it. Not to mention you can pretty much place it anywhere and it works as an all year round decoration, especially for the Winter season. Do you think you will make a DIY Rustic Angel?

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  1. Where did you buy the rusted wire? Thank you!

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