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DIY Primitive Snowman Crate

Many years ago, I tole, decorative and folk art painted a lot, and I loved it. I have since stopped painting and moved onto other crafting. When I saw this crate, I knew it would be a perfect surface to paint a super cute snowman on. This crate I found at a flea market for like a few dollars, I always look for things like this to paint on or create with. This was a great find! Come follow along as I try my hand at painting this DIY Primitive Snowman Crate. I am a little rusty, it has been a while.


Old Box or Crate
Paints – Your choice of colors
Brown Wax

First thing I did was paint my box. I did the outside with antique white and the inside burgundy. I didn’t do heavy coats on the outside as I wanted some of the wood color to show back through.

Second, I took some chalk and outlined a snowman. This doesn’t have to be perfect, especially since it is a primitive style the imperfections are what makes the whole thing come together.

Third, I painted out some of the details. I painted the body antique white, the scarf blue and the cuff and pompom on the hat with white. I did two coats on each of these.

Fourth, adding the little details. Paint some white lines on his scarf to sort of resemble plaid. Then add some of those same lines using the opposite color to his hat brim. Once those are done you can create his face and his buttons. He is starting to come to life now!

Fifth, I painted some arms on him, added lines to his eyes and some snow in the background. For the snow I just used the handle of a paint brush and dotted white dots all over.

Almost done! I took a paint brush and dipped it in white paint and splattered it all over the whole inside of the box and all over the snowman.

Finally, I took the brown wax on a baby wipe and rubbed it all over the whole box and painting. this gives it that aged and primitive look I was going for! All DONE!!

I think he turned out pretty AMAZING!! It has been a long time since I have painted like this, and it felt good to do it again! Do you think you’ll try to make a DIY Primitive Snowman Crate

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