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DIY Thrifted Rooster And Chicken Makeover

Thrift store finds happen to be some of my favorite items to craft from! There are so many different things that can be made from reusing someone else’s discarded items, and I love to turn them into my own beautiful crafts! This DIY Thrifted Rooster And Chicken Makeover was such a simple craft and was such an amazing find, I can’t wait to get it into my new craft booth!


Thrifted Rooster & Chicken
Chalk Paint
Antique Wax 

First, I painted both the rooster and chicken completely with the chalk paint.

Second, I used Antique Wax and lightly coated some over some areas of both the rooster and the chicken. I kept wiping on and off the wax until I got the look I was looking for. To do this I was using a brush and then a baby wipe over and over. I was really tedious about how I wanted them to look.

Here they are all finished, how do you think they turned out? I absolutely love how they turned out and it was exactly the vision I had for them. This was such a simple project, and in just two steps I turned something used and discarded into something fresh and beautiful again! I Hope you all enjoyed this DIY Thrifted Rooster And Chicken Makeover, and if you’re in the New England area check them out in my new craft booth!

As many of you know I have rented a new booth space in a local shop here in New England and have started creating for my booth. I will be sharing my creations on my blog and on my social media. We can talk about what sold and what didn’t. Also, what is working and what is not and talking about my adventures with my new booth! I have previously had a booth for 15 years in a different location and while I did well it just wasn’t a fit for me any more. I am excited to see where my new journey takes me and hoping to share my knowledge along the way!

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