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DIY Rustic Crate Centerpiece

I love to make crafts from thrift store finds. When I make my trips to the thrift store, I get so excited at the prospect of what I’ll come across. This DIY Rustic Crate Centerpiece was crafted from one of my latest finds. The crate I found had so much potential and I couldn’t wait to get started on making it my own. I hope you follow along with this DIY and give one a try too!


Thrifted Crate
Chalk Paint in the color Primitive 
Decor Items – Your Choice 

First, I removed the star from the crate. I then painted the inside of the crate with primitive colored chalk paint.

Second, I painted the rest of the crate with the same chalk paint.

Finally, I filled it with all sorts of rustic items I had laying around that I thought worked well together.

Here it is all finished, what do you think of the final result? This project was as simple as painting really, and I couldn’t be happier. If you were to find a crate similar and wanted to create this, you could fill the entire thing with whatever your hearts desired. I wanted that rustic feel to mine and went that way with it. Hopefully you enjoyed this DIY Rustic Crate Centerpiece enough to give one a try too! I can’t wait to get this one into my craft booth.

As many of you know I have rented a new booth space in a local shop here in New England and have started creating for my booth. I will be sharing my creations on my blog and on my social media. We can talk about what sold and what didn’t, what is working and what is not and talking about my adventures with my new booth!  I have previously had a booth for 15 years in a different location and while I did well it just wasn’t a fit for me any more. I am excited to see where my new journey takes me and hoping to share my knowledge along the way!

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