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DIY Dollar Tree Carrot Shelf Sitter

This DIY Dollar Tree Carrot Shelf Sitter was a perfect craft to start this season! It could be used for Easter or Spring time or both. I had a blast making it and it came out amazing too! I hope you follow along and can find all the necessary items to craft one of your own too!


Dollar Tree Wooden Carrot
Green and Orange Paint
Antique Wax
Ribbon, Fabric Strips, Twine and Raffia
Aged Tag
Stamps & Ink

First, I painted the carrot with the orange paint.

Second, I painted the leaves of the carrot with the green paint.

Third, I used the stamps and the ink to stamp “bunny bait” onto the aged tag.

Fourth, I lightly sanded around all of the edges of the carrot. I then used Antique Wax over the entire carrot, focusing mostly around the sanded edges.

Fifth, I cut lengths of ribbon, fabric strips, and raffia roughly the same length. I then bunched them together and secured them into a bow by tying a piece or twine around them. I made sure to leave longer pieces of twine sticking out.

Sixth, I threaded the aged tag onto the extra lengths of twine and tied it off.

Finally, I hot glued a button the center of the bow bundle then hot glued the entire thing at the top of the carrot.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? This craft project was one of my favorites so far this season, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! I always craft with the thoughts of what I would like to display in my own home and it always gives me a great sense of accomplishment when I make something that I would be proud to put out there! I hope you followed along this DIY Dollar Tree Carrot Shelf Sitter and have decided to make your own too!

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