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Dollar Tree Bunny Hop Blocks

I’m back with more Dollar Tree crafting! I love to find items at the Dollar Stores that I can use in my craft projects, they make some amazing finished crafts! These Blocks I found gave me an idea almost instantly, and I couldn’t wait to get them home and turn them into something of my own design. I hope you follow along with this Dollar Tree Bunny Hop Blocks craft and make one too!


Dollar Tree Cubes
Pink Check Fabric 
Lace Ribbon
Wooden Letters
Small Flowers
Pink & White Paint

First, I painted all three of the blocks with the white paint.

Second, I cut six small pieces of twine that I looped over creating a large loop at the top. I then glued them together into that shape. I then hot glued the loops to the pink check fabric.

Third, I cut around the twine, and then cut off the excess. This created the bunny ears I wanted.

Fourth, I slightly overlapped two of the ears onto each of the cubes and hot glued them down.

Fifth, I cut a piece of the lace ribbon and twisted it over creating a bow, using town to secure it. I left the twine long to add to the bow.

Sixth, I painted the “H O P” letters with the pink paint.

Seventh, I glued each of the letters to the front of the three separate blocks.

Finally, I glued one of the small flowers to the front of each bow.

Here is the final result, how do you think they turned out? This was such a fun craft to make and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! This craft could be used for Easter of Spring and I absolutely love the versatility! What do you think, will you try this Dollar Tree Bunny Hop Blocks craft too?

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