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Dollar Tree Patriotic Frame

I found these super cute octagon shaped frames at Dollar Tree, I bought it will the full intention of turning it into something that had to do with bees. It has the hive honeycomb shape and so it would have been perfect for that. However, sometimes you get another idea!! That is exactly what happened! It went form being a bee idea to something Patriotic! Come follow along as I make this super cute Dollar Tree Patriotic Frame!


Dollar Tree Octagon frame (Any Dollar Tree frame would work)

Scrapbook Paper (Joann’s)

Small Clothes Pin

Ribbons of your choice

Red Chalk Paint

Small Rosette Flower

Mod Podge

Step 1, took the frame apart and used the backing to trace out the shape on my scrapbook paper. Then I used the Mod Podge to attach it to the backing and placed it back in the frame.

Step 2, I painted the clothes pin with the red chalk paint.

Step 3, I cut a bunch of ribbons all the same length and made an X bow and tied it off with twine then added the small rosette to the center with hot glue. Hot glue this to the very top of the frame.

Step 3, I cut the design I wanted out of the scrapbook paper. Then I hot glued the clothes pin right under the bow right onto the glass on the frame. Once it was dry I clipped the scrapbook paper to it. DONE, that is it!!

How CUTE is this frame!?! I love how it turned out!! So fun and totally not what I had planned for the frame, sometimes the best things come out of doing something you didn’t plan to do!!

I hope you enjoyed this Dollar Tree Patriotic frame! If you did come find me on social media for more ideas and videos almost daily!




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  1. Janice I love this!!!You did great! I’m not in to bees…living on a farm they are a big nuisance at times. But patriotic! Oh yes please! And this is just fantastic! Fab job!!!

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