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DIY Woodland Gnome Christmas Ornament

I love to craft for the Christmas holiday, and making ornaments to hang is one of my favorite projects to do! I had some left over wood slices from a previous project and wanted to make a Christmas ornament from it and the DIY Woodland Gnome Christmas Ornament was born! This was so much fun to make and I hope you love it enough to give it a shot to!


Wood Slice
Faux Fur
Furniture Plug or Wooden Ball
Rusty Snowflake

First, I cut a piece of the faux fur, basically in a triangular shape to use as the Gnomes beard.

Second, I hot glued the faux fur onto the wood round and then hot glued the furniture plug to that as the Gnomes nose.

Third, I cut a large square of the black and red fabric.

Fourth, I folded the edge of the fabric over to create what will be the rim of the Gnome hat. I then laid the wood round upside down over the edge of the fabric and folded the ends in creating what will be his hat. I then hot glued it together.

Fifth, I took a length of twine and tied a bow around the top of the fabric forming the top of the hat.

Finally, I hot glued the rusty snowflake to the edge of the hat.

Here it is all finished, how do you think he turned out? This is definitely one of my favorite crafts so far this holiday season! I absolutely love him! This craft was so, so simple to make and came out amazing! He took such a small amount of time to create that I wish I had more of these supplies to put more together to give to some family, and friends who I know would love them! I hope you liked this DIY Woodland Gnome Christmas Ornament as much as I loved creating him! Merry Christmas!

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