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DIY Spring Tea Cup

Hopefully I’m not the only one here, but for some reason when I think of Spring I think of a cute little tea party. I just picture all these cute little girls in adorable Spring dresses sitting around a table outside drinking out of tiny little cups, eating yummy snacks. What makes this picture in my head even better is all the cute little knick knacks and center pieces throughout the table, of course they are handmade. So follow along for one of those crafts I’m picturing a DIY Spring Tea Cup.


Thrift Store Tea Cup

Wooden Bird Find it here.

Scrapbook Paper


Mini Flowers

Fabric for Tag

Floral Foam



Letter Stamps


First we are going to start off by painting the wooden bird. After the paint is dry go ahead and trace your bird onto your scrapbook paper. Cut out the paper, making sure to cut the hole out for the birds wing. Then go ahead and attach the scrapbook paper with some Mod Podge to the bird.

Now go ahead and fill your tea cup with a piece of floral foam. Add your moss and your wooden bird to the top of the foam. If you feel the need go ahead and add a small amount of hot glue to keep these two items in place. Then add your mini flowers into the floral foam so they are in the front of the bird.

Finally take a piece of your ribbon and using your letter stamps add the word Spring onto it, then go ahead and make a bow out of your ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the handle of the cup in a bow and hot glue the stamped fabric and the button to the center of the bow.

This project came out so much cuter than I ever expected. Not only would it look awesome as a center piece at a tea party but you could for sure fit this into any little hutch or shelf throughout your house. Do you think you will make a DIY Spring Tea Cup?

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