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DIY Thrift Store Heart Makeover

I absolutely love going to thrift stores, you can always find the cutest things in these little stores. When I find things I can makeover into fun crafts for the season it’s even better. Follow along with me for this DIY Thrift Store Heart Makeover.


Thrift Store Heart

Antique White Paint

Scrapbook Paper (2 different patterns)

Burlap Roses


First we are going to take the heart apart. I removed the hanger and wires in between the slats using pliers. Set these pieces aside they will be used again in a later step. While you have the heart taken apart you are going to paint the entire thing with your Antique White paint.

After the paint has dried, take your scrapbook paper you have chosen and trace it to the size of the heart. This is going to be applied to the heart using Mod Podge.

Now that you have the paper attached, take the wires and hangers that you removed in the first step and replace them. You are yet again going to use your pliers for this.

Attach the 3 burlap roses to the center of the heart using your hot glue, then add your messy bow by tying it around the hanger.

This makeover came out so cute and I had a super fun time doing it. This is going to look so awesome hanging around the house for the upcoming holiday. Do you think you will make a DIY Thrift Store Heart Makeover?

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