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Dollar Tree Heart Beaded Garland

Dollar Tree always has super cute decorations for every holiday. Sometimes things catch my eye that are adorable to begin with but I know I can turn into something much more my style, and I love adding my own touch to them! I knew with this garland I could make it even cuter than it was! Follow along with me for this Dollar Tree Heart Beaded Garland DIY.


Hanging Heart- Dollar Tree

Scrapbook Paper- Hobby Lobby


Rosette Trim- Hobby Lobby

Red Acrylic Paint

Mod Podge

Hot Glue

I started this project by painting the heart at the bottom of the beads with my red acrylic paint. This took a couple coats, allowing to dry in-between each coat.

After the paint has dried, take your scrapbook paper and measure a small piece to go across the heart. The scrapbook paper will be attached to the heart using Mod Podge.

Now using a small bead of hot glue, attach a small length of the Rosette Trim at the top of your scrapbook paper.

Next using my twine I added a small bow to the top of the heart by tying it to the already existing twine.

This garland came out so adorable, it was cute to begin with, but is more my style for sure. You can redo the garland however you would like to make it fit into your style. This was a super easy craft for the upcoming holiday and would be a great project to do with the kids. You can add your own style to it however you would like. Do you think you will redo a Dollar Tree Heart Beaded Garland?

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