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DIY Snowman Spool Ornaments

I absolutely love making homemade Christmas Ornaments, so when I had these spools lying around I just knew that I could make something adorable out of them. Instantly I thought of some cute snowman. Follow along with me for some DIY Snowman Spool Ornaments.


Spools- Hobby Lobby

Wood Beads- Hobby Lobby


Acrylic Paints- White, Black and Orange

This DIY is going to start with some painting. We are going to paint all of our spools white and our beads black. This could take a couple coats to fully cover.

Next we are going to take our twine and fold it in half. Once it is folded, create a loop and tie it off in a knot.

Now we are going to string the spools and beads onto the twine. Alternate the string so it goes spool and then bead, make sure to tie a knot at the end of the twine. You can make them as long or short as you would like, I used 3 spools so it looked more like a traditional Snowman.

Next we are going to add some black dots for eyes on the top spool, and some black dots on the other spools for the snowman’s buttons. You can add a scarf if you’d like with some fabric. I liked them as they were.

Next we are going to add the carrot nose to the Snowmans face with our orange paint.

Our final step is to add some small black circles on the top spool to make a mouth for the Snowman.

These little guys came out so stinking cute and I really enjoyed making them. I love how they look on my tree, they give it so much character. Do you think that you will try to make some DIY Snowman Spool Ornaments?

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