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Dollar Tree Shabby Chic Bottle Vase

Sometimes Dollar Tree has some amazing finds that can be turned into absolutely beautiful craft pieces! When I found this bottle at my local Dollar Tree I couldn’t wait to get home and make it beautiful! So many ideas popped into my head when I came across this bottle I had a hard time deciding which one to go with. However given that it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I love Shabby Chic, I decided that was my inspiration! I hope you enjoy what I decided to do with this Dollar Tree Shabby Chic Bottle Vase, and make one of your own!


Dollar Tree Bottle
Pink Chalk Paint
Dollar Tree Pearls
Hanging Gem Stones

First, I painted the entire bottle with the pink chalk paint.

Second, I lightly sanded over the raised lettering and around other areas to give the bottle that worn look.

Third, I cut two lengths of ribbon and threaded the key and hanging gem stones onto them. I then threaded the Dollar Tree pearls on the ends of the ribbons and knotted them to hold the pearls on. Finally I knotted the ribbons around the neck of the bottle, making sure the key and the hanging gem stayed secure around the neck as well.

Finally, I chose the florals I thought looked best and placed them into the bottle. This is the final result of the project, how do you think it turned out? I think this came out beautiful, and just what I had envisioned. Nothing could make me happier when a craft project comes out just how I thought it would! I hope you liked this Dollar Tree Shabby Chic Bottle Vase and are able to give one a try too!

As many of you know I have rented a new booth space in a local shop here in New England and have started creating for my booth. I will be sharing my creations on my blog and on my social media. We can talk about what sold and what didn’t, what is working and what is not and talking about my adventures with my new booth!  I have previously had a booth for 15 years in a different location and while I did well it just wasn’t a fit for me any more. I am excited to see where my new journey takes me and hoping to share my knowledge along the way!

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