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Dollar Tree St. Patrick’s Gnome

Gnomes are all the rage lately, they are in every store for every holiday and season. The thing with gnomes, people either think they are creepy or think they are adorable. I for one think they are adorable, fun and so whimsical! When you buy one at a store they can be pretty pricey and you’re buying something that everyone else can buy too. When you make your own gnomes you can have something unique that not everyone has. You all know my favorite store is Dollar Tree, so I headed there in search of supplies to make my gnome! I hit the jackpot! Follow along as we make this Dollar Tree St. Patrick’s Gnome.


Styrofoam cone (Dollar Tree)

Dollar Tree St. Patrick’s Day Socks (long ones)

Dollar Tree green feather boa

Dollar Tree St. Patrick’s head band

Felt (your color choice)

Flat wooden bead

Glue gun & scissors

First, cut a piece of your felt to wrap around your cone, you’ll want it to go about half way up the cone. Hot glue it into place and then trim the bottom around so the felt is flush with the bottom of the cone. This doesn’t have to look perfect, as it will mostly be covered up.

Second, cut your sock right above the heel, as you can see above.

Third, cut some pieces off of your boa 3 inches or so long, cut 4-5 depending how full you want his beard. This part is MESSY grab a vacuum HAHA!

Fourth step, pull your sock over your cone until it meets the felt, run a strip of hot glue and attach the boa pieces to the glue. Once you have them all attached pull the hat over them also.

Fifth step, pull up the sock a little bit and hot glue your wooden bead into his beard. Pull your sock back over and snug it around the bead, hot glue if you choose.

Step six, tie off the end of the sock with a small piece of twine. Cut off the cuff off the sock, then glue the end to the side of his body like shown.

Final step, cut off one of the shamrocks from the headband and glue it at the end of his hat. You’re done!

We just made a SUPER cute gnome, all from Dollar Tree supplies!!

You also have enough supplies to make two gnomes! You can make one for you and a friend!

Honestly how adorable is he?! The feather boa beard is so fun and different!! LOVE HIM!!

If you prefer DIY videos, you can find the Dollar Tree St. Patrick’s Gnome Video here!

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  1. You didn’t say how you made the gnome’s nose 👃.

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