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Dollar Tree Winter Sign

This Dollar Tree Winter Sign was inspired by KraftsbyKatelyn  https://youtu.be/T0owEWmWqiA . I loved the Idea of making something for the Winter months not just Christmas. Once all the Christmas decorations come down the house always looks so plain. So I thought I’d make some Winter decor to display all season long. I saw this idea while I was on Pinterest, and knew I had to make one for myself because it fit perfectly with my home!


Dollar Tree Frame – Any frame will work 

Dollar Tree glitter stickers 

Dollar Tree Snowflakes 

White Paint

First, I used a scraper and scraped off the writing that originally came on the sign I bought at Dollar Tree.

Second, I took the glitter stickers I found at Dollar Tree and made the phrase “Baby it’s cold outside” on the front of the glass.

Third, I just painted on the white paint back and fourth until I had an even design I liked

Fourth, I added a small amount of white paint to the tip of an old toothbrush and splattered it over the back of the glass.

Finally, I added some of the glitter snowflake stickers around the front of the glass.

Here’s the final project all completed, how do you think it turned out? I love taking something so simple looking, that I find at a store and making it even better! This project came out so much better than I was anticipating and I can’t wait to display it this Winter season! Did you enjoy this Dollar Tree Winter Sign enough to give it a try too? Be sure to check out Katelyn’s YouTube she is so talented!

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