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DIY Whimsical Thrifted Clock

This was such a fun project and a blast to make! Who doesn’t love turning things from plain to whimsical and enjoy doing it? I love Halloween and this pumpkin napkin was the perfect inspiration to make this old Avon cologne bottle clock into this DIY Whimsical Thrifted Clock! I hope you enjoy and try one too!


Old Avon Cologne Bottle – Alarm Clock Shape
Mod Podge
Diamond Stickers – Dollar Tree
Tinsel Trim
Ribbon Trim
Paint- White, Black, Orange
Enchanted Shimmer

First, I took the old Avon cologne clock bottle and painted the center completely white. Then I painted the entire rest of the bottle black.

Second, I cut around the pumpkin from the napkin and used Mod Podge to secure it to the center of the clock face.

Third, I used the Enchanted Shimmer and coated the entire center.

Fourth, I hot glued the tinsel trim around the clock, and then added the diamond stickers I found at Dollar Tree around the outside edge of the clock face.

Fifth, I used hot glue to secure a band of the ribbon trim along the bottom of the bell.

Sixth, I added more of the diamond stickers around the top of the bell, then painted the little nub in the center red.

Finally, I used the bottom end of my paint brush and dotted on the white dots around the whole clock. I next used the orange paint to create a checker board patter around the back rim and to paint the legs of the clock.

What do you think of this DIY Whimsical Thrifted Clock? I really enjoyed making this and think it came out pretty cute! It’s so much fun to make things that are a little whimsical and still bring the holiday feel. I really hope you enjoyed this DIY enough to try to make your own too!

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