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DIY Jack O Lantern Candle

It’s time for Halloween again! I absolutely love to make things for Halloween, and creating this DIY Jack O Lantern Candle was a blast and so easy to make. He’s just so fun to look at too! I hope you love this as much as I do, and try one for yourself!


Battery Operated Candle
Baking Soda
Orange Paint , Black Paint & White Paint
Glue Gun
Fabric – For Bow

First, I removed the bulb, then used hot glue to make what looks like candle wax dripping down.

Second, I painted the entire candle base black.

Third, I mixed orange paint with baking soda and painted the candle stick. The paint and baking soda mixture gives it that textured look.

Fourth, I used a small paint brush and painted on the Jack O Lantern face.

Fifth, I used a small paint brush back with white paint to create the pupils and lines through the eyes and on the nose.

Finally, I used some Halloween Fabric to tie a bow around the candle base. Then I put the candle bulb back in.

Here’s the final result, which I think came out super cute. He was such a fun and easy project to complete, and very inexpensive too! I think I may make a few more to put around the house. I hope you enjoyed this DIY Jack O Lantern Candle and make one for yourselves!

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