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DIY Witch Hat Garland

I’m always looking for fun, quick and easy crafts that the kiddos can be involved with. This one for sure fits that description. I found this super cute mini witch hat at Dollar Tree and knew I could do something quick and easy to really make it great. Follow along and check out this DIY Witch Hat Garland.


Mini Witch Hat- Dollar Tree

Beads- Amazon

Rub on Transfers- Dollar Tree

Gold Paint


We are going to start this project off by using our rub on transfers. I centered mine in my mini witch hat. You can place however you would like and can also switch up the transfer that you choose.

Next I added some embellishments to my mini witch hat with the gold paint. I went around the edges of the hat as well as adding what looks like a brim to the center. In the step I also added a piece of twine to the little hole at the top for a hanger.

Now on the twine alternate your beads. I used purple and black. You can use any choice of color you would like.

Now take some more of your twine and make it into a decent sized loop, and then tie it into the hole at the end of the beads.

Next cut the end of the twine so that it looks like a tassel, I think it kind of looks like a witches broom.

This was super easy and came out awesome. You can mix and match your transfers and bead colors to really agree with your own style. Do you think you will make a DIY Witch Hat Garland?

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