Fall Tiered Tray

I love decorating for Fall, it creates a cozy feeling in my home. This year i realized I have so many Fall decorations, maybe too many…wait can you have too many?! Mmmm, No Way! The one thing I enjoy decorating the most is my tiered tray, I change it out for all the seasons and holidays. I don’t decorate my whole house for all the holidays, with my tiered tray I can add a little touch of each holiday and season in it. Today I am sharing my Fall tiered tray! I love the way it turned out!


I took all my Fall decorations out and laid them on the floor and sat with my tiered tray and just started adding items, Pumpkins, leaves, acorns, berries and little signs!


It was fun to match up all the items and arrange them in the tray. It is so full and there is so many things to look at in it. I’m loving the pumpkin with my initial! =) Acorns are becoming one of my favorite Fall items, after pumpkins of course lol.


The little owl added a nice touch and I love how his legs kind of dangle over the side. The sparkly pumpkin added just the right touch of bling to all the muted tones.


My Fall tiered tray turned out so cute! It sits in my kitchen and adds just the perfect amount of a Fall to the kitchen! Decorating this makes me excited for the cooler weather!

Hope you enjoyed my Fall Tiered Tray! What is your favorite item in the tray?

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  1. I love your fall decorations

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