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Dollar Tree Farmhouse Mason Jar

Crafting with Dollar Tree supplies are some of my favorite crafts to make. They’re super cheap and can be made into almost anything. When I found this mason jar there I couldn’t wait to get it home and make it into my vision! It can be so fun to come up with new ideas for new items I find. I hope you follow along with this Dollar Tree Farmhouse Mason Jar, and can make one of your own too!


Dollar Tree Mason Jar
Dollar Tree Farmhouse Stencil
White Chalk Paint
Black Acrylic Paint
Buffalo Check Ribbon 

First, I removed the metal piece that acted as the mason jar lid and set it aside. Then I sprayed it with water and allowed it to sit and then scraped off the paper, once it was dry I sanded it down.

Second, I painted the entire mason jar with the white paint, I did 2 coats.

Third, I taped down the farmhouse stencil to the center of the mason jar.

Fourth, I used the black paint to stencil the design on.

Fifth, I blotted on some black paint all the way around the edges of the mason jar.

Sixth, I reapplied the metal piece to the lid area of the jar.

Finally, I cut a long length of the black and white checked ribbon and wrapped it around the top of the mason jar and then glued it on the back. Then I made a small bow using the same ribbon and tied it to the front. That’s it, all done!

Here is the final result, how do you think it turned out? I love how this project turned out, I love all things farmhouse. It took one item I purchased and a few that I had on hand to turn this into a beautiful craft project! I seriously couldn’t be happier with how this turned out! I really hope you followed along with this Dollar Tree Farmhouse Mason Jar craft and decide to make one too!

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