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Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Farm Assemblage

It’s Christmas time again, and I am knee deep into my crafting supplies! I sit here and look around at all the items I have and imagine the many things I could and want to make from them each time I come into my craft room! Crafting for Christmas has to be one of my most favorite times to craft for, with the joyous and festive things I can make for the beautiful holiday! Here is my Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Farm Assemblage, I hope you enjoy it and make one too!


Mini Wooden Village Set – Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree Star Box
Jenga Blocks
Window Cling – Dollar General 
Antique Wax 
Mod Podge 
Paint- White, Forest Green

First, I used the white and, forest green paints along with the Antique Wax to paint what you see here.

Second, I used the Antique Wax around the edges of the Dollar Tree Star Box.

Third, I used Mod Podge with the window cling to secure it to the side of the Dollar Tree Star Box. I then cut off the excess cling to make it fit properly.

Fourth, I hot glued the Jenga blocks and the tree stands into the center of the star box.

Fifth, I placed the trees into the tree holder inside the box. I then added the wooden house as well.

Sixth, I used the polyfill and added it all around the trees and the house.

Seventh, I placed the mini trees around the inside of the box.

Finally, I added the little man and the lamp post to the scene.

Here’s the Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Farm Assemblage all finished, how do you think it turned out? I absolutely love this, it’s so simple yet feels so joyous too! I couldn’t wait to get this put together when I found all the pieces I needed to make this come to life! Do you think you may give this craft a shot too? Merry Christmas!

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