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Lemon Tier Tray Sign

I had this little piece of scrap wood laying around, and thought it could be something cute for a tier tray. This got the wheels turning and I happened upon this cute lemon fabric I had, then it all came together! I grabbed all the supplies below and got to creating! It is so easy peasy to make this! So lets make this lemon tier tray sign!

Here are the supplies:

Scrap Wood

Lemon Fabric

Lemon Slice (Dollar Tree Stickers)


Mod Podge

Acrylic Paints – Yellow, Turquoise, White

Small Piece of Greenery

I matched my paints to my fabric, if you are using scrapbook paper or a different fabric, you’ll want to match your paint to that.

Step 1, paint all you pieces. I painted the edges of my wood and the back with the turquoise, then I painted the lemon slice all white. Once that dried I painted the center slices and edge yellow.

Step 2, cut your fabric or scrapbook paper to the size of your wood, then mod podge on.

Step 3, wrap your twine around the wood a few times tie it in place on the back, and then slide your greenery behind it.

Step 4, glue your little lemon slice onto the center of the twine. That is it, done!

How adorable is this?! I love it, it is so bright a fresh looking!

Great addition to your tier tray décor!

Do you love lemon décor? I don’t use it all over but I do add little to my décor in the summer months. I hope you enjoyed this lemon tier tray sign, and hope it inspires you to make one!

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  1. Your directions are so complete, thx!
    I love the list of supplies, I live in small town. so difficult to get supplies.

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