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Dollar Tree Daisy Home Sign

I love to craft for Spring time, there are so many new ideas to be brought to life for the season. When I found this chalkboard house at my local Dollar Tree and knew I had to get it. There were so many different ideas coming to me, and I had a hard time deciding what exactly I wanted to make. When I sat down and thought about it, this Dollar Tree Daisy Home Sign was what I thought would be the best craft to make with it. I hope you follow along, and decide to give one a try for yourselves!


Dollar Tree Chalkboard House
Wooden Letters
Daisy Sticker
Fabric Strip
Yellow Paint 

First, I painted the “H” “M” “E” wooden letters with the yellow paint.

Second, I hot glued the letters onto the chalkboard. leaving the “O” space open.

Third, I placed a daisy sticker in the “O” space of the word “HOME”.

Finally, I tied a bow around the greenery with the ribbon. I then glued it to the top of the chalkboard house.

Here it is all finished, what do you think? Did I make the right call making this Dollar Tree Daisy Home Sign? I think it came out beautiful, and couldn’t be happier with the final result. This was such an easy craft to put together, and took me no time at all to get it all finished. I love when craft projects don’t take very many supplies, but still come out amazing! I hope you enjoyed this DIY and decide you want to give one a try! So what do you think, will you give this beautiful craft project a try too?

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