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Dollar Tree Painted Ceramic Pumpkin

I always find these super cute ceramics around the holidays at Dollar Tree. I love to be able to start with a completely clean slate and use my creativity to bring these to life. The colors I chose went best with my decor. You can feel free to choose any colors you would like. Follow along and learn how I made my Dollar Tree Painted Ceramic Pumpkin.


Dollar Tree Ceramic Pumpkin

Antique Wax

Paints- I used Celery, Agave, and Burnt Timber. You can choose whatever colors work best with your decor.

I started this project by painting the leaves on the front of the ceramic pumpkin with the celery colored paint. Each color of paint is going to take 2-3 coats.

After the paint dried on the leaves, I painted the pumpkin itself with the agave blue colored paint.

Once the paint on the pumpkin was dry I painted the stem with the burnt timber colored paint.

Once all the paint was completely dry I took a light coating of Antique Wax and went over the entire piece. You can spread this on as light or dark as you would like depending on what kind of look you are going for.

I had a lot of fun completing this project, and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my Fall decor, I know it will fit in just perfect. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Painted Ceramic Pumpkin?

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