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Dollar Tree Patriotic Popsicle Sign

This craft project has to be one of the simplest crafts I have ever put together! I found some popsicle patriotic scatter at my local Dollar Tree and couldn’t resist. They didn’t need anything else but to be put together with a frame to make them pop and shine! I decided to go with a plain white frame to make the colors from the popsicles stand out. Hopefully you love this Dollar Tree Patriotic Popsicle Sign and decide you just have to make your own, maybe have the kids put it together, or maybe have each of them make their own! I couldn’t be happier with this five minute craft!


Dollar Tree Frame 
Dollar Tree Popsicle Patriotic Scatter
Hot Glue 

First, I decided which of my popsicles I wanted to be first on the frame and then hot glued it down. I made sure to center it to the left side of the frame.

Second, after deciding which popsicle to use next, I hot glued that dead center of the frame.

Finally, I took the last popsicle and centered it on the right side of the frame, hot gluing it down.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it looks? I love this craft, it took me no time at all to complete and I only needed three supplies to get it done. What more could you want from a beautiful looking craft project than something that is so simple to make? This Dollar Tree Patriotic Popsicle Sign will be in the next load of crafts heading out to my craft booth. I can’t wait to get it over there! Do you think you’ll be making this craft too?

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