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Dollar Tree Santa Make

Who doesn’t love incorporating Santa into their Christmas decorations, seems to me that the two go hand in hand. Not to mention the little fella is absolutely adorable. So lets include him in this next DIY. Follow along with me for a Dollar Tree Santa Make.


Santa Cut Out- Dollar Tree

White Car Shammy- Dollar Tree

Red & White Ticking Fabric

Paints- Red, White, Flesh

Mod Podge

Hot Glue

We are going to start by taking our Santa cut out apart. I used a heat gun and a putty knife to pop off the facial feature pieces.

Now trace the cut out pieces onto the white car shammy. I used a black marker for this so that it stood out well.

After you trace the pieces cut them out to fit the cut out.

Now trace Santas hat onto the ticking fabric and then cut out the traced piece.

Next paint the beard and the ball on the hat with your white paint. Paint the hat part with your red paint. Then cover the part that you painted with the red paint with your Mod Podge, and attach the ticking fabric.

Now using your Mod Podge cover the parts that have been painted white and apply the pieces of the shammy that you cut out earlier. Attach the shammy pieces to the smaller face features and then put the face back together, all of this is attached with Mod Podge.

I attached a small sprig of holly to the hat to add a little something extra. You could also use a mini snowflake, a candy cane or any other little Christmas embellishment that you have lying around.

Loop some brown string through the small hole at the top of the wooden cut out so that you can easily hang your Santa up where you would like.

This little guy came out so stinkin’ adorable, he would look great hanging on a door or even the tree. He was fairly easy to make and was a fun time putting together. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Santa Make?

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  1. This Santa is adorable!! Making a note so if I don’t find one now I can do it next year. I appreciate you sharing your creativity.

  2. Christina Morales says:

    Have a few of these, but, did not know what to do with them as I am not good at painting! Very excited to get started! Thank you,

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