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Snowman Mason Jar Ornament

One of my huge loves of Christmas comes from my Aunt Joan who recently passed away. I remember as a kid gathering at her house for Christmas Eve with our entire family, with lots of food, love and laughs. There were always tons of Snowmen around the house and on the tree, they were one of her favorite things about Winter and the Holiday season. How could they not be they are absolutely adorable little guys. I incorporate Snowmen into a lot of my crafting because I adore them just the way she did. Follow along with me and learn to make a Snowman Mason Jar Ornament.


Mason Jar Ornament- Dollar General

Chalk Paint- White

Acrylic Paints- Black, Orange, Red


Black String


Enchanted Shimmer

Black & White Bakers Twine


Hot Glue

Start off by removing the pine cone and hanger from the mason jar. Then give the mason jar a nice sanding over the entire piece.

After you have sanded the mason jar, cover all of it except the silver lid with your white chalk paint. This could take a couple coats.

Once the chalk paint has dried, stencil out your snowman’s face in pencil onto the mason jar.

Next, using your black paint make the mouth, eyes and eyebrows on the face. With the orange paint make his nose, and then mix a little red and white to make the pink for his cheeks. I also added some white accents to the eyes to give him a little more life and personality.

After the paint has dried wrap the black and white bakers twine around the silver cap of the mason jar.

Now hot glue the ribbon to the center of the lid that was just covered, then hot glue the mini snowflake to the center of the ribbon.

Next, hot glue the black string to the back of the mason jar to make the hanger for the ornament.

Finally cover the entire face of the Snowman with your enchanted snow to give it a sparkly look.

This little guy came out so super cute and I’m super excited to hang him on my tree. I’m sure my Aunt Joan would have absolutely adored him. He would make an adorable gift or you could even embellish a wrapped present with him. Do you think you will make a Snowman Mason Jar Ornament?

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