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Dollar Tree Snowman Ornament

One of my favorite things about Christmas is setting up and decorating my tree. I especially love using handmade ornaments that I have made myself or have been given to me over the years. This ornament was super fun to make and came out so stinking cute. Follow along with me and learn how to make your very own Dollar Tree Snowman Ornament.


Dollar Tree Christmas Bulb

Dollar Tree Faux Snow

Acrylic Paint- Black, White & Orange


We’re going to start by taking our faux snow and filling the Christmas bulb with it.

Now using your black acrylic paint you are going to create the face for your snowman. Only the eyes, eyebrows and mouth are going to be painted on with the black. This will take a couple coats to really stand out. Make sure to let the coats dry in between.

Once the black paint has dried we are going to add the Snowmans nose with the orange paint. Again this will take a couple coats and make sure to let them dry in between.

Once the black paint has dried we are going to add some accents to the Snowmans eyes to make him come alive a little bit more.

Now take your ribbon and put it through the top of the Christmas bulb, with this step your Ornament is complete.

This Ornament came out so super adorable and was so easy to make. You can also do this with kids as a fun project, and replace the paints with buttons for the face and felt for the nose, I know I always love being able to include my Grandson in my crafts and he has so much fun. Do you think you will make your own Dollar Tree Snowman Ornament?

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