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DIY Dollar Tree Snowman Candle

I love candles, especially around the holidays, and when I can incorporate Snowmen in with them its even better. So being able to make my own Snowman candle was right up my alley. Follow along with me and learn how to make a DIY Dollar Tree Snowman Candle.


Dollar Tree Battery Operated Pillar Candle

Aleenes Glitter Snow- Amazon <—Get it here with my affiliate link.

Acrylic Paints- Black, White, Pink and Orange

Scrap of Fabric

We are going to start this DIY by using a paint brush to cover the entire candle with the glitter snow. Just use a dry, hard bristled brush and dab the snow all over the whole candle.

Once the glitter snow has completely dried, we are going to grab our black acrylic paint. We will use the paint to add the eyes, eyebrows and mouth to the Snowmans face.

Next we are going to use the orange acrylic paint to add the “carrot” nose to the snowmans face.

Now we will use the white paint to add some accents to the eyes, and the pink paint to add the rosy cheeks.

Finally take your scrap of fabric and tie it around the bottom of the candle, this makes the snowmans scarf. With this step the cute little snowman is complete.

This little fella came out super adorable, I had a blast making him. He was so simple to make and inexpensive. I hope you all have as much fun as I did making this little guy. Do you think you will try a DIY Dollar Tree Snowman Candle?

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  1. Suzette Titus says:

    I love the simplicity of your projects with products that should be easy to find. Thank you.

  2. I am thinking about doing this for up to 50 ladies. Do you have any idea how many containers of snow I would need? Could you paint 4 or 5 candles out of each bottle? Thanks for your help. Charlynn

    1. I don’t think you can get that many. I would say 3 each bottle. You could also make your own snow instead of this.

  3. These are adorable. Do you have a guess on how many one jar of the snow glitter would make?

  4. How many candles would one tub of snow cover?

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