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Dollar Tree Window Cling Frame

Finding crafting supplies at Dollar Tree are some of my favorite to use! When I came across this frame at my local Dollar Tree I knew it would be perfect with the window clings I had purchased. I love that it’s not an ordinary old picture frame, but made of glass instead. follow along with this Dollar Tree Window Cling Frame craft, and give one a go too! You will not be disappointed with the final results! The best part is this can be changed out to accommodate any season or even event!


Dollar Tree Frame
Patriotic Window Cling
Razor Blade

First, I used the razor blade and scraped off all of the lettering that was on the frame.

Second, I cleaned the glass of any residual letter scraps.

Third, I carefully removed the window cling I wanted to use from the sheet.

Finally, I centered the window cling onto the glass frame, and smoothed it down.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t be happier with the final results of this project! Only three supplies were needed to get this project put together, and it came out amazing! Sometimes the projects that take the least amount of time to put together are some of my favorite once finished! If you can find the perfect glass frames, window clings can make the whole thing into something that will look fabulous! I hope you followed along and have decided that you want to give this Dollar Tree Window Cling Frame a go too! This craft will be going into my craft booth on my next restocking trip! I debated for quite a while if I wanted to keep this one for myself, of bring it to the booth. The booth won out!

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