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DIY Jumping Easter Bunny

These jumping bunnies are all over the place and I loved them! So, I figured when I had time, I would make myself one. Well, the other day at the thrift tore I found this wooden stand; it was literally a wooden circle with a dowel stick out of it. I think it was fate, I knew I needed to use that to make the jumping bunny! It was a sign! Follow along as we make this DIY Jumping Easter Bunny!


Dollar Tree Bunny Sign

Stand- Thrift Store – You can easily make one use a small piece of wood and a dowel.

I made a twine holder using the same method- you can find that here to see how to make a stand.


Brown Antique Wax

Paint- White and Pink

Ribbon and Ripped Muslin – Both Coffee Stained

Tag- Coffee Stained

Stamps – Letters

First I took the paper off the bunny and the tin piece of its ear. I just peeled off the paper, if it is hard to get off you can use a spray bottle with water and let it sit and it comes right off. Be sure to save the tin piece from the ear, you’ll need that later!

Second, I painted the bunny white and stained the stand with the brown antique wax. Do you see how perfect the stand was, seriously it was meant to be!

Once the bunny was dry, I added some brown antique wax around the edges. I wanted it to have an aged look. You don’t have to do this part if you don’t like that look, just leave the bunny white. Here is where I also painted that tin piece from the ear, I painted that light pink and the once it was dry, I added brown wax to it.

Using hot glue I added the bunny to the stand, for extra security I put a few pieces of ribbon over the dowel using hot glue also.

Next, I glued that tin piece back on the ear. I also added some greenery on his neck using hot glue. This greenery is my favorite, I get it at Hobby Lobby it comes as a huge garland, and I cut pieces off that. They are like $8 on weeks it is on sale.

Finally, I added my tag and bow that I made using the muslin and ribbon tied together. That is it, this DIY Jumping Easter Bunny is DONE!

I think it turned out PERFECT, I love it!! It was exactly what I had envisioned, and that is the best feeling ever! This project was fun and really didn’t take a long time at all!

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