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Hutch Makeover!

I spent last night in chat with some of the forum girls (we all have no lives yes we know lol)
Anyway, we got to talking about decorating and
Karen at The Barely There Primitive Bear was saying
we should just re-do the furniture we have…sooo I did!
I was checking out her hutch pictures and started looking at some on line and figured
Well, today it was in the 50’s here so,
I dragged the hutch out side and sanded it and re-did the whole thing!!
I think it came out pretty good, if I do say so myself. =)
Anyway, onto the pictures: It is not complete I need advice for bottom piece…
On the doors where the holes are should I:
1) Curtains
2) New Wood
3) Chicken Wire
4) Any other ideas?
I also need knobs on it as well oh ya and,

maybe some decorations would be nice too lol!
 ^ A little to cutesy country for me!
 Much Better!!
^ Now for this decision, Mmmmm!!
Thanks For Looking!
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