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Farmhouse Rooster Makeover

I once again found myself in a flea market…this seems to happen daily HAHA! This particular flea market is one of my favorites! It is huge, lots of vendors and GREAT prices! Anyway, I found this little wooden rooster, I thought he was kinda cute, but a little bland and dirty looking. The prices there are cheap like I said, he was only $1! How can you pass that up!? He came home to have himself a Farmhouse Rooster Makeover! This little guy needed it and I knew he would appreciate it, he just needed to be loved! =P

When we got home I wiped him down and cleaned him up a bit and grabbed the makeover supplies! I already knew what I was going to do, so I didn’t keep him waiting too long!

He was excited to get started and so was I! We agreed that we should re-stain his stand, it needed it! I took that brown wax and gave a nice coat and wiped off any excess! It was amazing how much better it looked and he felt!

We discussed it and decided on black for the dowel, which was perfect!

He has told me he wanted to be lighter, so he could attract more attention and stand out (I think someone is trying to find a lady friend). So white it was, and it was a fantastic decision!

Stunning already! He needed another coat, one just was not enough to cover up all that dark stain. So we added a second coat, he sat so nicely for this. Already feeling and looking so much better! I knew it would!

Once we finished that second coat we decided he was a little too bright, he didn’t want everyone to know he had a makeover. He suggested maybe to sand down the edges and give him an aged look, so that is what we did! It worked out perfect, he looks new but old again! As a finishing touch we gave him a buffalo check bow tie! This cute little guy has turned out so dapper and handsome!!

He is loving his new look and has been strutting around my kitchen all day! I told him he needed to find a good place to hang out and he chose a shelf on my hutch, it has a good view! What a great transformation from drab to FAB! I am sure he will find a lady friend in no time! We need to decide on a name, he has never had one. What would you call him?

I hope you enjoyed this Farmhouse Rooster Makeover! Just a reminder to never overlook an item because of the way it looks, always look at it and think what could you do make it look better!

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  1. Christine Green says:

    How about Sylvester?

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