Hello, hope you all had a great day!
I know I did!
Well, aside from the usual boring errands
I stopped at two of my favorite thrift stores and I found some GREAT goodies!
I found this pitcher it is huge and heavy!
I loved it, and thought it could hold some flowers!
On the way home I stopped and picked some Forsythia to fill it up!
I also found this stuff:
A large chalk board with a burgundy frame,
 black metal shelf, utensil crock, wrought iron spoon and fork and
last but not least a small peg shelf with square nails for pegs
The shelf and spoon and fork need paint, the peg rack is perfect.
The utensil crock I am not sure about yet, but for 99c how can you pass it up!
I am totally loving the chalk board as is, but may need to spruce it up!
In total I spent $10.00 not bad for the stuff I got!
It was a fun trip and definitely worth it!
I love thrift stores!!

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4 Replies to “Thrift Store Shopping”

  1. Love all your goodies – so many people talk about their thrift stores, but we only have one in our area and there never seems to be as many goodies as a lot of your girls find! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Like a kid in a candy store huh?? LOL I am so excited for the flea markets to open and tons of yard sales. Let the fun begin!! YAY

  3. Awesome goodies…dont you just love thrifting ??? You can spend all day shopping and never break the bank !!! Stop over at Hungry Hook Primitives and take a look at some of my good deals when you have time.


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