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Flea Market Finds

I’m a flea market, thrift store, side of the road finding type of girl. There is nothing better to me than scoring some awesome stuff for cheap! We have lots of cute little shops all around me filled with goodies, I frequent them as often as possible, I don’t want to miss anything! This one flea market in Maine that is just a hop skip and a jump from me, has a TON of different little booths to stop and treasure hunt in. It is very rare I leave there without a treasure or 10! Well this past week I stopped and I scored a whole bunch of fun stuff. Come see my flea market finds!

Look at all the fun stuff!! This one lady her booth is filled with a bunch of sewing notions. They are priced amazingly low, like $1!

All of these were $1 or less!! So many different kinds of lace, rick rack, edging, lace and more! This is one of my favorite booths to stop at!

Then I found these beads, perfect for crafts! Each only $1, you can’t beat that!

Flea Markets, Thrift stores and Antique stores always have a bunch of doilies and old handkerchiefs and they are always cheap and are great for so many projects.

Some booth even sell wooden craft supplies, I found these two little plaques for $1 for both! Did I need them, no. Will I use them eventually, yes! Always thinking ahead!

Quite a few of the booths have fabric in many of the stores I go to. It usually is very cheap and semi old, but that is what I like. They work great for crafting!

This adorable egg cup, I loved it! It doesn’t match anything I own, but I liked it and it was only $2 so I bought it. which is probably why I own so much stuff LOL!

I’m forever buying frames at flea markets and thrift store, yard sales the like. They are always cheap and you can do so many things with them. I love this one, it was super cute and I can always use a good frame.

Lastly I found this old vintage Valentines, how stinkin cute are these?! These will make a super cute Valentines Day project! Hopefully I can give them a new life.

How fun were these flea market finds?! I think I only spent like $20 or less for everything in the picture below. Can’t beat that, and that is why I love treasure hunting! NEVER discount a flea market, thrift store or yard sales for craft supplies and items to makeover.

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  1. Michelle Stephanie Walz says:

    Looks like you found a treasure chest ♡ must be a really nice place to seek & find…score♡

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