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Bunny Cutting Board Sign

I found these super cute napkins at a store near me, and LOVED them! They are just so cute, so I have decided to decoupage them onto everything HAHA! I have already made a few projects with them, those are coming soon!! Anyway, I also had this round cutting board I got at a thrift store forever ago, which now I finally found a way to use it! Let’s get on with making this bunny cutting board sign!


Cutting Board- or board of your choice

Grapevine Wreath

Small Wood Round (Mine came from Michaels)

Bunny napkin or similar style

Paints- sage green, white

Ribbons (your choice)

Small pearl beads

Small rosette

Brown Wax

Mod Podge

Glue Gun

First Step, paint your cutting board sage green, and your wooden round white.

Second step, tear your napkin around the image you’re wishing to use. Then mod podge it on your wooden round. Once the napkin has dried use the brown wax and apply it to your cutting board, then all around the bunny and the wooden round.

Third step, dry brush some white onto your grapevine wreath.

Fourth step, glue your round and the grapevine wreath onto your cutting board.

Fifth step, I made a small rag bow, attached it to the top of the wreath, added a small rosette in the center. I then glued small pearl beads around the whole wreath.

How stinkin’ cute is this!?! I love it! These napkins are just adorable and seriously I want to put them on everything. Even if you don’t have these exact supplies, make it your own using things you do have! This is just what I did, I am sure you can do your own thing!


Hope you enjoyed this DIY and that it inspired you to be creative! If you enjoyed this bunny cutting board sign, please check out my other posts below!

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  1. Bobye Creekmore says:

    I have been binge watching your videos today. I have heard in several times references to your store. I am unable to find a link to it. Please help !
    BTW, my head is now spinning with craft ideas ! I already know I am doing the DT doormat as Christmas gifts. Thanks, we are on fixed income and these will not look like fixed income gifs.

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