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Pine Cone Santa Gnome

Living in New Hampshire and we have plenty of things from Mother Nature at our disposal for crafting! I have a couple of huge pine trees in my yard that drop tons of pine cones every year, I needed to do something with them! I decided on a trip to Dollar Tree that I would use this wine bottle hat that I found and make a Pine Cone Santa Gnome! It is a SUPER EASY project and only cost me $1 for the wine bottle gift set!


  • Pine Cones
  • Wine Bottle Santa Hat, Dollar Tree & Dollar General both had them
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Small Wooden Bead
  • Twine
  • Glue Gun
  • Greenery & Bell

Paint your pine cone using the white acrylic paint.

Glue on your Santa hat over the end of the pine cone.

Find the center of your hat and glue the small wooden bead nestled into the pine cone.

Add your greenery and bell to the side of his little hat.

Fold over the top of his hat and glue it to the side of his hat, opposite the side you placed the greenery. This is optional, you can leave it up. Make it your own.

He is super cute!!

Take your twine and loop it in the back to add a hanger! All done!! =)

How super cute is he!? Oh I love how he turned out!!

This project is adorable and EASY and doesn’t cost a ton of money to make!

I love him and he is already hanging on my tree!

I hope you enjoyed my Pine Cone Santa Gnome DIY!

Tip: If you can’t find the wine bottle Santa hats, you can use red and white felt or even fabric.

If you would rather see it on video, it is available here on Facebook!

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