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DIY Patriotic Sunflower House

I absolutely adore flowers, when they start blooming in the Spring and that warm weather creeps up it for sure just puts me in a better mood. There’s something about sunflowers though that just yell Summer a little bit more than any other flower, and when you pair them with some red, white and blue what’s more fun. Follow along with me for a DIY Patriotic Sunflower House.


Mini Wood House- Dollar Tree

Paints- Red, White and Blue

Masking or Painters Tape

Sunflower Rub-On Transfer- Amazon

Here is my referral link- CLICK HERE

Star Stencil

First we are going to start off by painting the roof of our mini wooden house with our blue paint.

Next paint your house with your white paint. Once the paint has dried, go over the house with your tape. Then paint over with your red paint. When you pull your tape off you will have red and white vertical stripes down the front of your house.

After the paint on the house has dried, take your star stencil and using your white paint go ahead and add some stars over the blue paint on the roof of the mini wooden house. Then add your sunflower transfer to the front of the house. CLICK HERE for Amazon rub on transfer!

This came out awesome. It was super simple and inexpensive to put together. It will look great on a window sill for the summer or on any shelf in any room of the house. Do you think you will make a DIY Patriotic Sunflower House?

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    Love it! Thank you for so many different crafty ideas.

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