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DIY Patriotic Tags

Since I am obsessed with Patriotic decor lately, when I saw these oversized tags at Walmart, I knew I wanted to make some patriotic tags with them! They are the perfect size to hang just about anywhere! Patriotic crafts and decor are one of my favorites because you can leave it up pretty much all year. I put mine up in May and don’t take it down until the end of September! Which is great because I don’t have a lot of time to decorate. Follow along with me for these DIY Patriotic Tags.


Wooden Tags- Walmart

Paints- Midnight Blue, Deep Burgundy & Antique White

Antique Brown Wax

Thick Twine

Star Stencil

Start off by using a ruler and separating one of the tags into four vertical sections. Paint two of the sections with your antique white paint and the other two with your deep burgundy.

Take your other tag and paint the center with the midnight blue paint. Once the paint has dried take your star stencil and place it over the blue. Fill the stars in with your antique white paint.

Once all your paint has dried, go over both tags with your antique brown wax. Wipe off the excess on the front and leave dark on the back of the tags.

Finally once your wax has dried, add your thick twine through the holes at the top of the tags and knot on the ends. This gives the tags a hanger.

This came out adorable and is going to look awesome hanging just about anywhere. It was so simple to make and actually came out better than I was expecting. Do you think you will make some DIY Patriotic Tags?

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