Kitchen Christmas Corner

My kitchen is tiny and I have limited space for décor, but I managed to decorate a small corner of it! I went for a bit of a woodland theme, I really enjoy rustic and primitive style décor. This was so much fun to decorate and look for things to use, I had a lot of it on hand from over the years and didn’t have to buy much. I just used them in a grouping instead of spreading them through out my house like I have done in the past. So without further ado here is my kitchen Christmas corner. Hope you enjoy!

My hutch, lots of things that light up! The tart burner red truck from Walmart, which I LOVE!! A glass vase filled with pine cones and wrapped with a wreath and fairy lights. Two little ceramic light up houses, some woodland Santa’s. Throughout it all I scattered pine cones, just to give it an extra nature and woodland feel.

This is the top shelf, I stacked a few wooden sleighs on each other, added a few trees and some other cute décor that matched the theme.

Second Shelf

Bottom Shelf

This is an old wooden crate I have hanging on the wall next to my hutch. I decorated this in the same theme. I again used things I already had on hand and just added to them. My vintage scale, cranberry rake, flour sifter, milk glass bowl and little houses are all there year round. This crate is probably my favorite spot year round in my house for décor. Every season it gets decorated!


Top of the crate.

In the corner I have this tiny little primitive tree, I also decorated to match the theme! This tree used to stay up year round, and be decorate for every season. The kids loved it and bug me all the time to put it back up, so I may leave it.

Hope this inspired you and you enjoyed the tour of my Kitchen Christmas Corner! We can still have beautiful décor on tight budgets and with limited space!

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  1. Cheryl Eastridge says:

    Love your collection and arrangements!

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