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Spring Bird Slate Heart Hanger

I love to incorporate birds into my Spring crafting, and when I found this slate heart hanger at the thrift store I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! Thrift store finds are some of my favorite items to craft with, I love to see what I can turn someone else’s discarded items into. Some of my best craft projects have come from thrifted items that I made into something beautiful again! I hope you follow along with this Spring Bird Slate Heart Hanger, and create something like it for yourselves too!


Slate Thrifted Heart
Antique White Paint
Bird Napkin

First, I removed the hanger from the heart and then sanded the entire thing lightly.

Second, I painted the slate heart with the antique white paint.

Third, I decided which part of the bird napkin I wanted to cover the heart with. Then I gave the heart a coat of Mod Podge and laid the napkin over it.

Finally, I trimmed all of the excess napkin from the heart, and then reinserted the hanger.

Here is the final project, how do you think it turned out? It amazes me how so little effort can change the entire look of something. This craft project took me next to no time at all and very little supplies and it came out amazing! I hope you followed along with this Spring Bird Slate Heart Hanger and are able to put some of my ideas into your own project.

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